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Seniors today hold 70 percent of the country’s wealth, according to Carolyn Chesler of the Topanga Messenger, Santa Monica’s Newspaper. This makes seniors one of the most targeted groups for scams, online fraud and identity theft. Along with these crimes, criminals are also committing mail fraud, healthcare fraud and financial exploration but you can prevent it. There are scam prevention seminars you could attend, both locally and nationally but the easiest way is to find someone you trust who can handle your financial needs and protect you from harmful scams that could take years to recover from. Working with a daily money manager can provide you with comfort, knowing that your financial worries are taken care of by trained professionals who truly care about their clients.

What is a Daily Money Manager and how can they help?

A Daily Money Manager is a professional consultant who will assist clients with the management of their financial affairs. They can reduce the stress of managing your personal finances, which will allow you to focus on your true priorities in life. Working with a daily money manager can be short-term engagements or long lasting relationships, whatever the client desires. Daily money managers can assist seniors who need help with managing their financial affairs; families seeking assistance for loved ones; people in transition due to the death of a loved one, divorce or health issues. Frank Saaranen of Premier Money Management, LLC works as a Twin Cities Daily Money Manager to provide safe and trustworthy assistance with any family and/or seniors who want to focus on more important things in life than personal finances. Saaranen states, “Two levels of threats, people are struggling often with financial affairs mostly late fees and financial charges. Seniors are also the most targeted group by scam artists but some things can be put in place to prevent that. Freezing credit reports and reviewing credit card and bank account activity every week, something that I can definitely help them with.”

Services Provided

Daily money managers have a full suite of services they offer and can customize the length of service and what services are offered based on the clients’ need. Short-term projects can turn into life-long management if needed, without complicated contracts and no long-term commitment. Clients can cancel arrangements at anytime. Examples of services provided could be:

–       Bill Payment

–       Social Security Issues

–       Medicare Issues

–       Weekly Review of credit card charges

–       Monthly Spending Reports

–       Medical Claims

–       Monthly Budgeting

–       Identity Theft Protection

 How to get in touch with a local daily money manager?       

Due to the high level of integrity and trustworthiness required by the client and family members, it’s wise to seek out a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM –, to handle seniors’ affairs.  For many the primary motivation for being a daily money manager is the benefit of being able to help the seniors that really need it.  Franks states that, “Being able to help people who are struggling or unable to take care of their financial needs is very gratifying for me. It’s much more than the compensation, it’s about helping the people that is so important to me, it’s not about the pay check.”

 For More Information

If this is an area that you, a friend, or a family member need help with you can call on Daily Money Manager Frank Saaranen, a financial expert, who has over 35 years of financial experience, and created Premier Money Management. Frank has worked every position from accounting to financing to technology information for small independent firms and Fortune 500 companies. He can be reached by phone at 952 693 5278 or on his website at:

“It’s very gratifying to reduce the stress of my client’s financial affairs, it’s what I love to do.” – Frank Saaranen,

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